Curriculum Overview

Albert Einstein Academy educates students by providing a challenging, integrated curriculum of general and Judaic Studies in a nurturing environment. A low student-teacher ratio and a talented teaching staff engage every child and provide students the opportunity to excel.

A dedicated staff that is highly motivated, accredited, and trained in individualized teaching techniques leads our dual curriculum. An outstanding and challenging general education with meaningful Judaic Studies encourages students to think, to question, and to become problem solvers. Using an interdisciplinary approach, students experience science, mathematics, computer technology, language arts, and many other components throughout the course of the day, leveraging their knowledge to solve a problem, figure an equation, or answer a question.

Our classrooms are alive with the excitement of multi-sensory and hands-on experiential learning. Instruction travels beyond the desks and classroom. Visitors may find students at their desks or on the carpet, outdoors planting a garden, or in small groups clustered around the school. At any given time, students may be writing their own books, re-enacting historical events, analyzing Jewish texts, or releasing butterflies.

Albert Einstein Academy weaves Jewish values into the curriculum serving as a base for creating a caring community. An atmosphere of mutual respect and trust cultivates warm and comfortable communication between families and the school. Albert Einstein Academy achieves its mission by developing inquisitive learners, critical thinkers, and dynamic leaders who upon graduating become responsible, caring citizens who continue to serve their communities by embracing Jewish values.